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I'm L.A. based by way of Chicago and before that, the beautiful countryside of New England. Though I have made myself at home from coast to coast, the things that my soul loves have stayed true. I'm inspired by romance, big skies, dreamy landscapes and tiny, beautifully intimate moments. I have a background in Performance Art and Education and I absolutely love working with creative spirits and children. My favorite things to photograph (in no particular order) are babies, love, live theatre and bodies in motion.

Isn't life so lovely? Let's go take pictures of it!


I am a photographer, designer and internet aficionado based in Los Angeles. My first love is my amazing family - especially the hilarious toddler that parks himself in the room next to mine.  My second love is anything that can be captured with a camera.  I've been shooting photos for as long as I can remember.  As a kid, I was able to get my hands on some classically inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras like the Vivitar 600 and the Kodak S.  But as my passion for the shutter grew, I began exploring film 35mm SLRs and ultimately moved into Digital SLRs as they became available.  Once I started clicking my Canon, I never stopped.  Now that passion has grown into an engagement with professional photography of more than a decade.  Having also worked in the online and film industries, I've been lucky enough to develop an ability to blend the quality and storytelling of the cinema with the speed and expansiveness of the internet.  Most importantly, I've never lost my hunger for capturing the essence of my subject - a sunflower, an English landscape, a belly dancer, or a bride as she enters the ceremony.  The search for the soul inside a photograph and the pleasure of knowing the people who share it  continues to inspire me.

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