Jessica and Kevin 6|9|2018

Last month Jessica and Kevin threw the most bad-ass and glorious wedding that we, nay.... the whole WORLD had ever seen!!! Their American Horror Story Circus wedding took on a life of its own and every single guest had to pick their jaw off the floor at some point. Our guess is it happened somewhere around the time that Jessica entered the ceremony while riding a camel. Jessica and Kevin scoffed at silly traditions and said yes to magic, giant food (5 foot pizza, anyone?), the world's best whistler and a fantastic celebrity guest appearance from Kyle Gass. Their guests were delighted by all the amazing animals present and everyone was blown away by fantastic magic show put on by their officiant, Rob Zabrecky. The guests were also treated (tortured?) by a thrilling game of cake roulette. Everyone was served a cake pop and if you were lucky it contained delicious cake! The unlucky ones got a cake pop laced with ghost chili... don't worry, there were plenty of staff on hand to give out glasses of milk to those who had tongues of fire!

Most importantly, these two celebrated the hell out of their love for one another. These gorgeous, wild and wonderful weirdos are so perfectly matched and to witness them together is to witness the world making sense. We are so happy we got to be involved in this amazing day and we are so thrilled to share these beautiful pictures with them!

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