Creative Wedding Photography

You’re in luck… you’ve stumbled across the most artistic wedding photographers & videographers in Southern California. We have been shooting unique weddings for nearly a decade and specialize and deeply understand the awesome couples out there that aren’t afraid to bring a bit beauty and soulfulness to the biggest day of their life.

We Heart Couples That...

Things We Totally Dig...

          * Have their own, unique way of looking at the world

          * Is anything but your everyday, average bride and groom

          * Are fun, playful, and ready to adventure with photography

          * Plans to put their unique signature on their wedding day

          * Cares about blending quality imagery with a fun looks with fun

          * Shooting photos and videos at the most interesting weddings

          * Getting creative and funky at engagement sessions

          * Using photojournalism to kick out the best wedding story ever

          * Weddings at zoos, museums, grocery stores - anywhere unusual

          * Editing amazing stories of truly unique and artistic couples

We, The Artists

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Ryan W.

Ryan has been shooting artistic, alternative weddings for nearly a decade now. In his career, he’s captured unions featuring volcanos, sword fights, muppets, Dr. Who, and Dick Van Dyke. With a passion for blending fine imagery with storytelling and whimsical subjects, he loves to shoot the funky, the odd, and the totally unique people that make up the world he inhabits.  More about Ryan

Untitled photo

Jenn S.

Jenn is new on the wedding scene, but hardly new to capturing unique personalities. With a background in performance art, she has easily migrated behind the lens and has been discovering amazing ways to capture portraits of the most creative people in Los Angeles. Her warmth, passion, and deeply creative soul bleed through the pictures she makes.  More about Jenn

Okay, So How Does It Work?

          * Our wedding packages cover all price ranges for couples. But no matter the price, we never sacrifice artistic passion.

         * You deserve to get your high res photos in a timely manner. More importantly, your story deserves to be created with dedication and care.

         * Limiting the time we spend with you only limits our ability to get to know you and your story as a couple.

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